Some examples of the impact of my work.


Engineering Entrepreneurship: E-School helps ideas get to marketplace

A feature on the rise of entrepreneurship support inside of the UVA Engineering school and my role in generating these new programs. "He looks for the students working long hours outside of class, the ones showing proactivity, perseverance, grit and an intention to blaze new paths." Read Article >


Major Wins Propel UVA Engineering Entrepreneurship Team to Future Business Success

One of the student entrepreneurs I worked with for four years wins the largest prize given to a UVA student entrepreneur. Read Article >


Lecture halls and business calls: Exploring what it means to be a student entrepreneur at U.Va.

Highlights how my Works in Progress program fits into the UVA entrepreneurship ecosystem using the intentional design of peer influences. Read Article >


UVA Entrepreneurship Team Wins ACC Competition

The third year in a row that a UVA student entrepreneur that I've worked closely with wins in the ACC InVenture Prize. Read Article >


First Class of Pike Fellows Prepare to Compete for $50,000 Prize

The announcement of the inaugural Pike Engineering Entrepreneurship Fellows program, which I designed and managed. Read Article >


UVa grads offer advice, encouragement to budding entrepreneurs

The first annual SPARK: Faces of Technology Innovation event that I invented and implemented. Read Article >


Space for student entrepreneurs opens in Thornton Hall

The opening of the only physical space on UVA's central grounds dedicated to entrepreneurial projects, not events. I designed this new type of space based on significant co-creation with active student entrepreneurs. Read Article >


Support grows at UVa for student entrepreneurship

Charlottesville's biggest newspaper reports on the increasing support of entrepreneurship based on the intentional design of peer influences. Read Article >


New Program Provides Critical Connection Point For Student Entrepreneurs

Coverage of our approach to cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset through a community of practice. Read Article >


Alumni Start-up Opens the Door to Rapid App Creation

One of the early students I worked with to help them continue on the entrepreneurship path. Read Article >


Class of 2013: UVA Student Trio to Dedicate Next Year to Advancing Potential Breakthrough Medical Test

After winning the Grand Prize of the Entrepreneurship Cup, my team and I continued through the Coulter Translational Research program with their $250,000 grant to develop a rapid point-of-use bacterial diagnostic for low-resource settings. Read Article >

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Kevin Eisenfrats: Making Sure All Pets Are Wanted

The first student technology entrepreneur I helped, which is now a fast growing startup back by Silicon Valley that is developing the future of male contraception. Read Article >

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At the Frontier of Synthetic Biology

A feature on the incredible student-led iGEM synthetic biology research team which is the foundation for many student entrepreneurship projects. I led the revamping of the recruitment process and reformed the seminar in synthetic biology to increase team cohesion. Read Article >